#DecolonizeHistory is a Toronto-based street art and sticker-art project focused on addressing colonial legacies and interrupting  [white settler] space.

Founded in 2014, this ongoing project raises awareness about injustices towards Trayvon Martin, subject to a system of racism that never served to protect his life, Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen arrested and detained in Guantanamo Bay when he was only 15 years old, and Assata Shakur & Huey Newton, labelled “terrorists” for actively resisting systemic racism on stolen land.

The #DecolonizeHistory project has traveled to Montreal (Decolonizing Street Art Convergence), Brooklyn (Brooklyn Street Art Film Friday programming) as well as London, Paris, Miami, Oakland, Berlin, Tehran, and Los Angeles through collaborations with local street artists.


Follow @decolonizehistory on instagram for updates.

#DecolonizeHistory (2015)

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